Alexa, dov'è il mio telefono ?!


It be a scenario that we’re all acquainted with. You bring together home with an armful of groceries, purse, briefcase, backpack, and plenty others, set aside every thing down, and then can no longer bring together your telephone anyplace. PANIC sets in. The keep is my telephone!? Fortunately, you remembered to enable one of the most diverse apt Alexa Talents that can enable you to bring together your telephone when it be been misplaced. Desire a refresher? Let’s trek over easy strategies to search out that telephone.

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Easy guidelines on how to activate the Capacity

  1. Delivery up the Alexa app in your telephone.
  2. Faucet on the menu icon within the high left nook of the hide.
  3. Faucet on Talents and Video games.
  4. Faucet on the magnifying glass/search icon within the high exact nook.

  5. Form on Uncover My Phone.
  6. Faucet on the high search consequence to sight an inventory of alternate choices, or click on on the Uncover My Phone ability by that name that appears with a tag.
  7. On the ability hide, tap Enable to Use.

Easy guidelines on how to hyperlink it to your telephone

At the same time as you enable the ability, you might presumably be required to hyperlink it to your telephone.

  1. From the ability hide, tap on Settings.
  2. From the Capacity Settings hide, tap on Hyperlink Story.
  3. This can begin up a browser tab asking you to signal into Amazon. Enter your login credentials.

  4. At the same time as you might presumably even have confidence successfully connected the ability to your Amazon tale, quiz Alexa to “Uncover My Phone.”
  5. Alexa will quiz you to verify your telephone quantity verbally. She’s going to then send you a textual sigh with a safety code to substantiate your identification. This can philosophize one thing fancy “Your Life Bot code is XXXX” with the Xs representing the code.
  6. Study the code you bring together serve to her by saying “Alexa XXXX.”
  7. “Lose” your telephone. No in truth. Screen it within the couch cushions or someplace so we are able to check this out. Meander forward, I is no longer going to survey.
  8. Now quiz Alexa to “Uncover my Phone.” Alexa will name your telephone quantity, and in case you hear it, you might presumably even have confidence came across your telephone!

Whenever you happen to clutch to acknowledge the phone, you might presumably be greeted by a reasonably creepy robot mutter that claims “cheerful you came across your telephone” and asking whenever you happen to desire to clutch a survey at one of the ability publisher’s other skills. At this level, it be up to you. I exact hold up!

You do now not desire to employ the Uncover My Phone Alexa Capacity; in truth, there are several same Alexa Talents to selected from, alongside side Cell Phone Finder and The keep’s my Droid. Walk spherical, be taught the opinions, strive a pair of, and bring together the one which you fancy effective!

Model you might even look for Alexa skills on the web by exact typing Alexa skills into your search bar. At the same time as you attain the Alexa skills web page, you might even look for skills by class or name, and enable them with the clicking on of a mouse. Using the ability thereafter even though will be executed via Alexa.

It is doubtless you’ll presumably no longer value it with out an Alexa!

So as to follow these steps to fruition, you might presumably have to have confidence an Echo in your home, finally. Whenever you happen to desire a brand fresh Echo, or whenever you happen to exact desire an extra one, I counsel deciding on up the customary Echo (third Gen).

Alexa on the ready

Amazon Echo (third Gen)

$60 at Amazon $60 at Supreme Purchase

Light sounds and magnificence

The customary Amazon Echo (third Gen) is a sexy apt speaker for under $100, and in case you tap into Alexa’s doubtless, the value proposition is intention extra impressive. I bask in about the primitive colors survey apt, nonetheless lend a hand an bring together your palms on for the fresh versions in Product Purple and a beautiful Twilight Blue!

While I fancy the Echo (third Gen), this assignment will work with any Echo from any technology. In truth, whenever you happen to might presumably even have confidence the Alexa app set aside in on every other design fancy an iPad, it’ll work there as successfully! But whenever you happen to’re handiest going to clutch one dapper speaker, I will entire-heartedly counsel the customary Echo (bring together the blue one!).

Extra Gear

Salvage these apps and talents to make it more straightforward to search out your telephone when all else fails.

Amazon Alexa App

Free at Google Play

Uncover the Alexa app to govern your Amazon Echo and enable productive and enjoyable skills.

Uncover My Phone Alexa Capacity

Free in Alexa app and at Amazon

Made by, Uncover My Phone is mainly the most downloaded and favorably-reviewed of the phone-finding skills for Alexa.

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