Questi sono gli altoparlanti compatibili abilitati per Alexa, senza dubbio dovresti perderti bene ora


Alexa, one of the sphere’s most smartly-liked digital assistants, is interestingly in every single situation in 2019. Simply about every part helps Alexa one device or one other, with doubtlessly the most smartly-liked approach to win admission to the assistant being through dapper speakers. We mediate the Amazon Echo (Third Gen) is the suitable overall speaker for all people, as it strikes a wide balance of aspects and charge. If that is no longer your factor, we now win seven other ideas to study out, too. Let’s dive in!

Easiest Overall: Amazon Echo (Third Gen)

On the head of our listing, we now win the Amazon Echo. Right here is the unusual Third Gen mannequin that Amazon no longer too long ago unveiled at its substantial fall hardware match, and we mediate it strikes the suitable balance of offering a wide user expertise while coming in at a competitive imprint.

The win of the Echo is as real as ever, featuring a fabric duvet that is on hand in four colours that ought to gaze sizable in exactly about any home. Under that putting housing is a principal speaker that provides deep bass and 360-stage audio. Genuinely, here’s the same sound high quality that changed into beforehand restricted to the extra costly Echo Plus.

The full lot from podcasts to music sounds sizable on the Echo (Third Gen), and while it’s far no longer the absolute most involving money can bewitch, it’s darn spectacular for this ticket segment.

The Echo also comes equipped with a bodily microphone quiet button, could well presumably be paired with other Echo speakers for multi-room audio, and has a 3.5mm headphone jack that will per chance well presumably be mature for plugging your phone in and taking half in music suddenly through that.


  • Obliging sound with great bass
  • Marvelous cloth win
  • No longer too substantial — can match in most rooms
  • Microphone quiet button
  • Priced correct


  • Better sound on hand for extra money

Easiest Overall

Amazon Echo (Third Gen)

Basically the most involving overall Alexa-enabled speaker

Overall, the Echo (Third Gen) is the suitable Alexa speaker for the general public. Its sound high quality, win, and charge are all optimistic.

Easiest Price: Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

The Echo Dot has long been one of doubtlessly the most smartly-liked Alexa speakers on the market. With the Echo Dot (Third Gen) with Clock, you win every part that makes the Echo Dot sizable, plus a constructed-in digital clock.

A lot of people utilize dapper speakers to inquire for the time, and by building a clock into the Echo Dot, you now win one much less portray you win to name out. Amazon did this moderately seamlessly, with the LED portray exhibiting the time sparkling from within the support of the fabric as if it changed into there the entire time. Along with the contemporary time, it goes to be mature to portray the out of doors temperature and any timers you win space.

The full lot else in regards to the Echo Dot with Clock is said to the trendy Echo Dot. Sound high quality is surprisingly factual serious about its little size, it’s doubtless you’ll per chance well match it in virtually any room, and alarms could well presumably be snoozed correct by tapping the head of it.

The Echo Dot is each a wide entry-stage speaker and even as you happen to win already bought a bunch of Alexa speakers and need one other one for a smaller room (resembling a mudroom or closet).


  • Or no longer it’s splendidly little
  • LED portray displays the time, temperature, and timers
  • Appropriate audio high quality serious about its size
  • Lifelike
  • Works smartly with other Echo speakers


  • Lackluster speakers in contrast to other picks on this listing

Easiest Price

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

Basically the most involving charge Alexa-enabled speaker

To win doubtlessly the most bang-for-your-buck, earn up the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock. Or no longer it’s miniature, sounds nice looking factual, and has a digital clock!

Easiest Low-charge Speaker: Eufy Genie

Talking of within your means Alexa speakers, we want to display camouflage the Eufy Genie. Right here is doubtlessly the most charge-optimistic system on our entire listing, making it a wide match for low cost-hunters.

The Eufy Genie is same to the Echo Dot in size, making it easy to situation in even the smallest of rooms. It takes up virtually no desk or counter space, and while it doesn’t gaze as flashy as the Echo Dot, it will get the job accomplished.

It’s doubtless you’ll per chance well presumably compile a 2W speaker within the Eufy Genie, which is okay. It will get the job accomplished for informal music listening and binging through your favorite podcast, but here’s surely the weakest chance almost about audio high quality. Alternatively, even as you’re spending the kind of little quantity of cash, that is to be anticipated.

Alexa works on the Eufy Genie correct prefer it does on every other speaker, allowing you to inquire in regards to the climate, alter dapper home devices, and win answers to any random questions that pop for your head for the duration of the day.


  • Miniature size
  • Plump-fledged Alexa expertise
  • Microphone quiet button
  • Ridiculously low-charge


  • Stupid win
  • Lackluster audio high quality

Easiest Low-charge Speaker

Eufy Genie

Easiest low-charge Alexa-enabled speaker

There’s low-charge, and then there could be the Eufy Genie. This Alexa speaker doesn’t win the suitable sound or win, however the charge is honorable.

Easiest Soundbar: Nebula Soundbar Fire TV Model

Let’s believe a rapid fracture from speakers to chat about soundbars — namely, the Nebula Soundbar Fire TV Model. For Alexa followers, here’s the soundbar to win.

The Nebula Soundbar is made by Anker, an organization that is proven to know a factor or two about crafting high quality audio products over time. The Soundbar looks to be like to support that pattern going, offering 2.1 “cinematic sound” as a consequence of a aggregate of two speakers and two subwoofers. That is completely like 100W of energy, resulting in booming sound no topic what it’s you are looking out at.

Alexa also shall be constructed into the Nebula Soundbar, allowing you to press the Alexa button on the incorporated Inform Faraway to inquire the assistant no topic you’d like.

On top of being a soundbar and Alexa-enabled speaker, the Nebula pulls triple-responsibility by also functioning as a Fire TV instrument. When plugged into your television, it offers you win admission to to the Fire TV ecosystem for streaming all of your favorite displays and music. In a home with a entire bunch Alexa speakers, looking out the least bit your converse through Fire TV correct is involving as a consequence of the tight integration between the two platforms.


  • 2.1 cinematic sound
  • Adds Fire TV to your gift television
  • Supports 4K HDR streaming
  • Fabulous charge


  • You ought to make utilize of the far away to focus on with Alexa
  • Costly

Easiest Soundbar

Nebula Soundbar Fire TV Model

Basically the most involving Alexa-enabled soundbar

By the usage of Alexa soundbars, the Nebula Soundbar is a easy preference. It has spectacular speakers and works as a Fire TV streamer!

Easiest Audio Effective: Amazon Echo Studio

Though-provoking support to typical speakers, it’s about time we acknowledged one thing in regards to the Echo Studio. Right here is one of doubtlessly the most modern additions to Amazon’s Echo household, and it’s shaping as much as be one of doubtlessly the most spectacular devices we’ve got ever viewed.

The substantial device to the Echo Studio is its sound high quality. Right here is the part of the speaker Amazon is pushing doubtlessly the most, and for factual motive. The Echo Studio is equipped with five “strategically positioned speakers,” with the purpose being to produce you with room-filling audio that sounds sizable no topic the build within the room it’s placed.

Talking of room placement, the Echo Studio will sense the size and form of the build you situation it and adapt its speakers accordingly — ensuring that every part is tuned correct correct. Dolby Atmos also shall be onboard, as are “unusual music formats which were mastered in 3D.”

As if that wasn’t passable, the Echo Studio goes a step extra by functioning as a Zigbee dapper home hub. So, even as you happen to win dapper bulbs, switches, or other gadgets that utilize the Zigbee platform, the Echo Studio can act as a central hub for them.


  • 5 speakers for jaw-dropping sound
  • Dolby Atmos support
  • Speakers adapt to your room
  • Constructed-in Zigbee dapper home hub
  • Odd win


  • Colossal and costly

Easiest Audio Effective

Amazon Echo Studio

Basically the most involving audio high quality on an Alexa-enabled speaker

Audio high quality is the title of the game with the Echo Studio. It has five speakers that adapt to your room and Dolby Atmos support.

Easiest Camouflage: Amazon Echo Demonstrate 8

The Echo Demonstrate assortment is Amazon’s assortment of Alexa speakers with displays slapped onto them, and correct now, our contemporary favorite is the Echo Demonstrate 8. Right here is the most contemporary addition to the Echo Demonstrate household, sitting correct within the guts between the Echo Demonstrate (2nd Gen) with its 10-scurry portray and the teeny-miniature Echo Demonstrate 5.

So, what makes the Echo Demonstrate 8 stand out from the opposite two Presentations? The charge proposition here is actually real. The 8-scurry HD portray is a wide size; it’s sizable passable so it’s doubtless you’ll per chance well without bother apply recipes and gaze videos while being sufficiently little so that it doesn’t believe in too out of the ordinary space on your countertop. The Echo Demonstrate 8 could well presumably be mature by itself, or with an optional stand that lets in you to alternate the viewing perspective.

Above the camouflage is a camera that will per chance well presumably be mature for video calls, and even as you are no longer utilizing it, there could be a bodily camera duvet to present you some enhanced privateness. Audio high quality on the Echo Demonstrate 8 also shall be promising, with two 2-scurry speakers at 10W per channel virtually matching the speakers on the upper Echo Demonstrate.

Tie all of that in conjunction with a competitive imprint, and the Echo Demonstrate 8 is a compelling chance.


  • Appropriate-sized HD portray
  • Powerful speakers
  • Camera with bodily duvet
  • Competitive ticket
  • Optical stand for extra viewing angles


  • Camera is correct 1-megapixel

Easiest Camouflage

Amazon Echo Demonstrate 8

Basically the most involving Alexa-enabled speaker with a portray

If a portray is what you’re after, the Echo Demonstrate 8 is an unprecedented preference. It has an 8-scurry camouflage, a camera, and is priced nicely.

Easiest Moveable Speaker: Sonos Transfer

All the Alexa speakers on this listing are awesome in their strange ideas, but there could be one device back they all win in typical — they want to be plugged in the least bit times. Successfully, all of them with the exception of the Sonos Transfer.

The Sonos Transfer is a wi-fi Alexa-enabled speaker, and while it does charge a nice looking penny, it does correct about every part correct. Sonos is smartly-known for its honorable audio, and the Transfer isn’t any exception to that rule. Or no longer it’s a joy to listen to to, with audio that envelopes you and bass that kicks and punches with sizable power.

There’s a address on the support of the Transfer for carrying it spherical with you, and it’s extraordinarily cosy. The Transfer is moderately chubby, however the address makes it easy for somebody to circulation it.

We’re also impressed with the Sonos Transfer’s battery life, smartly-designed charging dock, and water/mud resistance. Having the capacity to make utilize of each Alexa and Google Assistant is a proper treat as smartly, even if the microphones don’t appear to be the least bit times doubtlessly the most correct.


  • Room-filling sound with substantial bass
  • Constructed-in address works incredibly smartly
  • Battery life is sizable
  • Water/mud resistant
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Iffy microphone efficiency
  • Colossal and heavy

Easiest Moveable Speaker

Sonos Transfer

Basically the most involving portable Alexa-enabled speaker

The Sonos Transfer is an Alexa speaker that it’s doubtless you’ll per chance well presumably be believe any place. It has an enduring battery and actually spectacular audio high quality.

Easiest Multi-Motive Speaker: Sonos One (Gen 2)

On the tail-stop of this listing, we’ve got bought the Sonos One (Gen 2). The Sonos One has constructed up moderately the repute over time, and for factual motive. Right here is an insanely great speaker.

For starters, Sonos’s win and audio high quality are as real as ever on the One. Right here is one of the smallest and most charge-optimistic speakers the company sells, but it absolutely soundless looks to be like and sounds inconceivable. For a speaker of this size, here’s about a of the suitable audio it’s doubtless you’ll per chance well encounter.

It’s doubtless you’ll per chance well presumably presumably additionally focus on with Alexa correct as it’s doubtless you’ll per chance well presumably on every other Alexa speaker, however the Sonos One does one thing involving — it lets in you to alter to the Google Assistant! It’s doubtless you’ll per chance well presumably presumably additionally most involving utilize one of those at a time, but having that chance to return and forth between assorted assistants is nice looking wintry. There’s also support for Apple’s AirPlay 2, making this a wide match for those of you with an iPhone.

And, pointless to boom, the Sonos One works seamlessly with all of Sonos’s other speakers. Sonos speakers are among the many very most practical to space up and pair, making it extraordinarily easy to win multi-room audio working in no time the least bit.


  • Rich, certain, and booming sound
  • Easy win
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • AirPlay 2 support
  • Connects with other Sonos speakers


  • Microphones could well presumably be hit-or-omit

Easiest Multi-Motive Speaker

Sonos One (Gen 2)

Basically the most involving multi-cause Alexa-enabled speaker.

It’s doubtless you’ll per chance well presumably presumably additionally fabricate it all with the Sonos One. It helps Alexa, Google Assistant, AirPlay 2, and works seamlessly with other Sonos hardware.

Base line

There’s no shortage of Alexa-enabled speakers nowadays, but out of every part being supplied, we mediate that the Amazon Echo (Third Gen) is the one the general public ought to exit and bewitch.

No, it’s no longer the absolute most involving Alexa speaker money can bewitch, but it absolutely does portray one of the suitable values available within the market. This newest mannequin has considerably improved audio high quality, which approach that music and podcasts sound better than they ever win. The win of the Echo also shall be a real swimsuit, with the classy cloth allowing it to compare nicely in any home.

Add that in conjunction with honorable microphone efficiency and that imprint, and the Echo (Third Gen) is a compelling product. Whether you win already bought Alexa speakers for your home or are taking a gaze to bewitch your very first one, here’s one which ought to be at the head of your browsing listing.

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