Outlook per Android aggiornato con azioni S Pen per telefoni Samsung Expos


Email on the Galaxy Expose lawful bought quite more uncomplicated thanks to an Outlook change.

What you furthermore mght can need to know

  • Outlook for Android received an change that improves S Pen make stronger.
  • Customers can now slip over mail, attachments, occasions, and of us.
  • The change also enables customers to plot fleet actions with the S Pen.

A brand fresh change for the Android model of Outlook brings enhancements and fresh aspects for customers of the S Pen on the Galaxy Expose line of telephones. Customers can now slip over mail, attachments, occasions, or of us to rep a sneak look for on the objects. Additionally, customers can plot fleet actions with the S Pen after hovering over an item.

The app itemizing on the Google Play Store lists all the fresh aspects that work with Expose devices.

The command of Outlook on a Samsung Expose instrument? You might well now command your S Pen to slip over Mails, Attachments, Events or Participants to raise a sneak look for and plot fleet actions.

The Galaxy Expose S is Samsung’s most up-to-date flagship and presentations a brand fresh step in the relationship between Microsoft and Samsung. The Expose 10 can “Hyperlink” to Dwelling windows 10 PCs to sync messages, photos, and notifications and customers can mosey the Expose 10 accurate into a Dwelling windows 10 PC to make command of the PC as a DeX observe.

Samsung Galaxy Expose 10 evaluate: The absolute top Android cellular telephone for Microsoft and Dwelling windows customers

Many customers of the Expose rep it nearly completely for the S Pen. Being ready to make command of the S Pen with Outlook will manufacture the electronic mail client great friendlier to customers of Samsung’s stylus.

Ultimate and simplest

Samsung Galaxy Expose 10

$1,100 at Samsung

Enhanced Microsoft cell experiences on flagship Samsung hardware.

Right here is the closest to a Microsoft-made Android cellular telephone you are going to rep for now. The instrument packs primarily the most up-to-date and perfect specs inside of a top rate make and rocks primarily the most up-to-date integrations from Microsoft that attend the Your Phone journey on Dwelling windows 10, along with a range of Microsoft’s apps on Android.

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